Our Story

Sew to Sow

After meeting a single mother and her disabled son at the hospital, SF and KL had to figure out a way to help her earn a clean living and provide for her son. Thus, the idea to start a social enterprise that provided small, home-based stitching jobs to needy girls and single mothers who are unemployed or unable to work outside the home. In 2009, a dedicated work space was created for the women within the Living Waters Home. Thus, NAAM was able to help more women and create a wider range of products, shipping worldwide on a small scale as everything is handmade. With your support, the NAAM women have been able to leave abusive relationships and plan for a brighter future. Today, they sew to sow, into the lives of others. 

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Their Stories

At the age of 13, D was brought in as a child labor from a neighboring country. Moving from job to job, her last work was at a pub/restaurant. It was there that she was being taken advantage of & sexually abused by men. Until one day, she came to Living Waters Home to learn English. “I learned about truth in life at Living Waters and that saved me from falling into a deeper pit. Now, I can read English and am producing key chain holders to earn a decent living”, D shared in 2010. Today, D leads in NAAM's sewing & production and helps to supervise Living Waters Home. 

N was a migrant worker, forced into an early marriage due to an unwanted pregnancy. After giving birth to a son, she was confined in their rented room and ill treated by her husband. From a chubby girl, she weighs just 36kg when we met her in 2011, and was very meek and withdrawn. After much persuasion from D, N decides to work at Living Waters and learned sewing skills. Today, she handles most sewing jobs for NAAM, while helping out at the shelter in various capacity. 

Names are pseudonym to protect the identity of the ladies. 

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