Every Product has a Story

Each hand-crafted NAAM product is unique, just like the at-risk girl who made it. Using her own hands, different fabrics, and her own creativity, she creates one of NAAM's unique products. Stitch-by-stitch, she learns about dignity, hope and self-worth. 
NAAM provides small stitching jobs for women who stays at Living Waters, a shelter for poor outpatients & caregivers. 

Through sewing, the ladies at NAAM are healing from their pasts and takes the lead in helping others to break the cycle of brokenness. Earning a clean income through their own hands is empowerment. 
NAAM's revenue supports Living Waters Home in Chiang Mai. For latest information on NAAM, follow us at https://www.facebook.com/naamasia 

Batik Totes - Beautiful, Practical & Reusable

Attractive, Foldable, Reusable, Practical
Best Seller Since 2018
Batik Totes - Suitable for Everyone

(Photo Credit: Thank You to Grace Tan of Stories.my,
for modelling & photo in her Peranakan kebaya)

A New Tote by NAAM, to fit into every shopper’s & travelers' need - the Batik Series. 
A conversational piece, while preserving culture and environment. 
And that every item you purchase helps restore dignity & hope to women in the Living Waters Ministry in Chiang Mai.
Colors: Variety of Batik Shades
Material: Cotton Blend. Hand wash & hang dry
Capacity: Up to 5 Kg or 15 Liters
SRP/unit (Ex-Chiang Mai) : Large MYR 60 / SGD 20 / USD 15
Mini MYR 35 / SGD 12 / USD 10
Handling: With care & no heavy or sharp edge items.

NAAM's very own Pot & Casserole Carrier

Pot & Casserole Carrier 
NAAM's most enduring product, since 2009
Every Home Needs One. Or Two. 

We maintained the original design, since 2009 for practical & durable carrier for all occasions. 

Many processes & layers to produce an enduring, yet practical product for parties & cook outs. Keeps pots warm and from spilling over.   

To pass time, small jobs are given to patients while they stay for their treatment. Small stipends are given for every job done. 


From the founder, Living Waters Foundation

2020 has been a rather difficult year for everyone but NAAM continues to serve the public by making fabric masks for communities, and for sales. More than 3,000 pieces were made and distributed to various hospitals & communities, while sales were mainly through friends & churches in Malaysia. We are Thankful and Grateful for the support towards Living Waters Foundation which continues to serve the sick through hospitality services. In 2020, Living Waters Home has opened 24/7 and had accommodated 723 guests who comes from all over North Thailand, seeking treatment at the main hospital of Chiang Mai. 

The new official website is www.livingwaters.asia while updated news are posted in https://www.facebook.com/foundationlivingwaters

If you like to contribute or donate to Living Waters Foundation, you can remit directly via TT to our bank: Bangkok Bank Ltd, Kad Suan Kaew Branch, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Swift Code BKKBTHBK, New York Routing Code 026-008-691
Savings Acct 531-0-87229-5 favoring Living Waters Foundation 

We prefer Wise Transfer, a quick and cheaper international remittance. Our Wise ID : klwong@cmlivingwaters.com / Acct Ending **229-5 

Please email klwong@cmlivingwaters.com for more details, or confirmation. 

Thank You for your partnership, with us, in serving the needy.