Projects & Premium Products

NAAM has produced bags & gift items for Corporate, wedding and church gifts in the past few years. Projects like these gives us the rolling funds in our work.

Making ladies handbags for PCC's Mother's Day Gift event. Deliveries have to be planned in order to save shipping costs.

We are glad to be able to design & supply '5 Stones' Project for Leaderonomics recently, and are looking for more opportunities for the ladies at NAAM to grow. Customized Labels can be procured at cost for the clients. 

In partnership with Earth Heir, we do contracted tailoring work on their behalf. This requires constant communication and understanding. 

In 2013, we had designed, produced & delivered 2,400 bags for a Multi Level Company and are Thankful for such opportunities. This project provided the funds for the purchase of 2 industrial sewing machine.

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