The word ‘NAAM’ means ‘Water’ in Thai. It was adopted from the principle of ‘Living Water’ found in the bible, where Jesus promises Springs of Living Water to the thirsty and tired souls. Just like water, we believe in a holistic approach through hard work & discipline while dignity, self worth and hope are essential to the well being of every human being. We adopt a 3-step process: engage, equip & empowerment. And Quality. All products have to be made with utmost care & quality. This helps them to take pride & ownership in everything that they do and not on hand-outs or self pity.

At NAAM, each lady is taught to sew and equipped with her own sewing machine. With time, healing, and hands-on training, the women begin sewing full-time to generate their own income. The women also become stakeholders in the NAAM enterprise as they create new products, designs, and patterns to help grow the business. This opportunity allows them to take care of themselves and plan for a brighter future.

Products are sold through friends & churches in Malaysia as well as through word of mouth and are priced competitively with the market. 

Quality is of utmost importance and we undertake to replace any faulty items, if any. Further to our quality assurance, NAAM uses only YKK zippers for all of its products, despite the additional costs involved - even if it's just for a small pencil case !

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