Men & Bows

For Weddings, Corporate Events & Rebranding your Image
why not try Just Bows, by NAAM

A set of bow ties specially handmade for a wedding

And You Can't Dribble on Bow Ties....Dr Suess 

Just Bows by NAAM and just for men, boys & girls. Handmade to order, perfect for weddings and corporate functions. Just tell us your theme, preferred colors and design and we will source for the fabric for you. Cotton or Satin. 

One of the designs, limited.

July 2014

Various Styles:
Butterfly, versatile & practical
Skinny Butterfly, streamlined & sophisticated, and if you like, 
Big Butterfly, relaxed & outgoing
& Baby, for little gentlemen!
And for the adventurous, the self tie bows. 

We can also cater to your themed party & wedding, as well. 

And above all, hand made with care from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo Credit & Thanks to Grace of


For the Formalists....Ebony, Ivory or Gold

For the Defiant Ones....Self Tie Bows*

* Made to Order

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