A simple paperbag project (2009) contributes 1 Baht for
each bag made by these ladies...Helps their daily expenses
while they care for their loved ones at the hospital
“See a Need, Meet it, See a Hurt, Heal it”. 

NAAM believes in unconditional giving to help others in need. In addition to supporting the Living Waters Home, which houses NAAM, we also provide small jobs to patients and relatives who stay at the home. These projects help the guests earn money to help pay for their essential needs (some came with less than a dollar in their purse) and to take their mind off of their pain and sorrow.  

In an effort to save a dying skill in a small Laotian village, the NAAM ladies encouraged the Laotian women to plant and grow cotton to weave into their traditional cloths. We bought their tribal cloths and used them to make unique handbags for our customers.

We have also donated blankets and clothing to poor Karen hill tribes in Omkoi. 

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