Bags & Purse (New!)

Ladies...All-linen Purse

just came off the line...

Just Launched, 
Justwo by NAAM 

Yes, just 2 bags per fabric design. 
A Hand Made and custom made for the Purposeful Lady
3 Compartments complete with pockets and zipped pockets,
Mug holder, Key cord, 
Side compartment for a foldable umbrella (32cm) 
Removable & adjustable strap
And a pocket to latch on to a luggage handle. 

Suitable for the Executive or Mums!  

Type: Shoulder Bag / Tote
Size: 40 cm x 12 cm x 28 cm (LWH) 
Weight: 0.65 kg
Material: Outer Cotton, Lining Cotton

Price: USD 50.00 Ex-Chiang Mai
Excluding delivery cost & destination taxes. 

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